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Being a student in my final year of University I decided to apply for some graduate work programmes with some fairly big name companies. I avoided the big four professional services firms because lets face it, they only really want accountants. I didn’t really have much hope for most of the programmes that I applied for but there was one I was fairly certain that I would make the next stage of the application process. I wasn’t applying for something I had no experience in either. I applied for a certain banks retail sector. This generally meant customer service. I’ve had around 2 years of customer service experience dealing with a variety of clients, and I’m not talking about working in a supermarket or in a clothing store, I’m talking about a proper desk job engaging with stakeholders. I received an email this morning stating that I had not made the next round. It was pretty bumming and it still is. I kinda had my hopes set on that position to make it all easy for me at the end of year, all set out and planned for me. If that was my best chance then needless to say I don’t look likely for any of the others I’ve applied for. It’s been a few hours know since I read it and even though I’m still bummed out I gotta look on the positive side. This narrows the range of jobs I can now apply for and I no longer have my hopes set on one job. I can now start looking around for different opportunities. Only a handful of Uni grads have a job lined up for them before they graduate. I’m not one of them, but that doesn’t mean I won’t find a good job. Never let your head fall. Just keep looking forward and remember that your first job after graduating, when you eventually get it, isn’t your last.


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