I’m in my final year of studies at University, and for the first time during my entire University career I find myself truly pressed for time. It’s a strange situation in regards to time management when you’re at University. When I was in High School it seemed like I had more free time. Here at University, I could have only one lecture for a whole day yet it seems like I have less free time to do anything!  In my first three years of Uni I managed to cruise by fairly well. Time management wasn’t really necessary, but these days assignments, work, and other activities are piling up on each other and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this. You don’t have to be in University to feel pressed for time so here is something to consider every time you feel that twenty four hours in a day just isn’t enough!

Do you do anything for yourself? Sounds like a strange question, but think about it. When I was in High School It seemed like I had more free time and I was never rushing about to do things because most of the things I did were for me. I hung out with my friends, played basketball, had band practice, and a bunch of useless activities that looking back now as an adult make me shake my head in shame. These days I wake up, go to some classes, I stress the word some, go to work, go home and mope, and repeat the next day. My only saving grace is my girlfriend but she’s already working as a graduate accountant which leaves me along most of the time. My point is that I no longer do anything for myself these days and that makes time pass by so fast because I do things that I actually want to end fast. I work for someone else, I go to Uni so I can get a degree to work for someone else, there’s just no “me” time.

You can get to a very low place if you don’t change up your routine or the change way you perceive how you spend your day. If your day doesn’t involve some time for yourself then you’re not living a life that’s healthy for your mind or soul. Everyone needs that all elusive free time, it’s just a matter of starting somewhere. How did I manage it you ask? It’s all about finding that existing spare time that you take for granted and doing something you love. For me it was that spare hour in between a lecture to hit the driving range, for others it can be that extra thirty minutes in the morning before work to watch your favourite show. All these tiny pieces of time in the day that we take for ourselves help add a bit our own personality to an otherwise unfulfilling day. It’s about taking the day (I was going to use the cliché of seize the day but ruled against it) and remembering that you’re still in control of it.

Yes I know it doesn’t make the clock go any slower, or extend the day to thirty hours, but it will remind you of a time when you had the time to do whatever you want, and more importantly, it will remind you of what you should be doing. You should be enjoying life every chance you get.


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