For those of us who keep up to date with technology news you’d probably have seen talk about the mobile 4G network that’s getting a lot of buzz. Now for those of you who are saying to  yourselves “4G??I was just hearing about this 3g thing!”, there’s no need to worry. Sure technology is advancing at a rapid speed but that’s no reason to be looking at your old black and white 2G phone in dismay (although an upgrade to a colour screen in this day and age wouldn’t hurt).

Time for a little background info. 3G phone networks allow high speed data transfers. This lets people with 3G phones browse the web etc. All 4G is, is an even faster network. The type of phones generally created for these networks are smartphones. Now, over the past few years smart phones have been getting a lot attention, phones like the iPhone and…well..the iPhone. There are plenty of other smartphone alternatives offered at the moment but this article isn’t about that. This article is aimed at those who are worried they are being left behind in this sea of new advancements in mobile technology. In a nutshell, you are being left behind, but so what? I’m a twenty one year old University student and I don’t have a smartphone, and the majority of people don’t, so why get one? Smartphones offer great connectivity and the ability to control a lot of things through just that one device. You can set meetings, check your email, have video calls, edit word documents, play music, watch video. This all sounds cool but who really needs all that? I have a friend with an iPhone and they just use it as a regular phone! Would you really use it any differently than the way you use your current phone? Just remember that the next time you’re thinking of dishing out your hard earned cash for an iPhone. Besides, don’t get one and end up looking like that tool in your lecture who pulls out his iPhone so everyone can see (other analogies welcome). Stick with your old candyblock phone and be proud! Just think, if you were being chased by bad guys and had to jump into a lake to escape you wouldn’t think twice about your phone. If you had an iPhone however, you’d have to think about whether or not the cost of treating gunshot wounds would be less than replacing your phone! Treat your old battered and bruised phone with a bit of respect these days and remember that even when you have greasy fingers it won’t retaliate with horrible fingerprints.

Final advice: Don’t buy into the hype and save your money!


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